Saturday, February 2, 2008



what to say?

we are home now. the tour was so funnnnn.. all the bands were so amazing. we made some real good friends. congratulations to dustin from sever your ties! he's engaged! i like when all the bands get along really well and are always good to watch.

so what now?

we are going to be doing an EP soon. all new music. all new new. ive been working a lot since ive been home (2 days). its raining like crazy here.

im going to africa! i will be leaving july 22nd and coming back august 2nd <(thanks for helping me fix those dates! hahaha)> we are going to kenya. i am so so so excited. we will be hanging out with kids and teaching soccer/basketball camps. we'll be going into slums and feeding people and hanging out and im sure a lot of other things i dont know about yet.

i cant wait to spend time with them. its going to change my life. ive always wanted to go over there and help. sounds pretty vague, i know. i dont know exactly what im going to be doing there.

if any of you can donate and help me get there, i would be extremely grateful. i dont have the money to go but im relying on God to provide that for me. and i know He will.


...goodbye! :)


presentminded said...

africa sounds amazing. im semi jealous. I'm sure God will provide for this wonderful trip! God Bless =]

chad said...

africa. indeed.

Josh Auer said...

Thats the darn truth. it was an amazing tour with many great friendships started. duder, your blog page looks so freakin cool. how do you do it?

JonnyUps said...

explain the dates you're going. almost a year? or did you get the months wrong? i would love to help you financially as much as i can.

Martine said...

"i will be leaving august 22nd and coming back july 2nd." hmm hmm..i thought it was 2 weeks :P

i know i said it before but Good luck Jimmy. thats an amazing project.

darlingnicotine said...

that's amazing, jimmy. wow. i'm so glad you're doing this. um a whole year? wow, i wish you luck...hah.
if you come to az soon, i'll definitely donate to you...i dunno how much but i will.
you are an amazing person.
and you truly have a golden heart.

thank you for doing this.

ashley said...

i hope to go there soon.

i'll pray that God will help get you there.

good luck with everything.

Tagarae said...

Yay for an EP! I cant wait for that.

I think its really great that you want to go to Africa to help out. I will donate as much as I can, you really deserve this opportunity! Just let us know how to donate.